Ready to dream


Every beggining of the season we help to reveal one of the most guarded and valuable secrets for all the Athletic Club fans: The new season kit. This year the female team -League Champs- had for the first time their own campaign.

We are ready. Are you?

Right before the match starts, in the changing room, football boots and gloves, an encouragement cry can be heard. Warm up, concentration, decision and conviction. The champions are ready for the new season. Are you?

Both campaigns were developed for the Athletic Club’s owned media (digital, ambient display, and print) with great approval and enjoyment of the fans.

Dream on

An empty theatre. Not any theatre, but the Arriaga Teatre in Bilbao. Seats, galleries, velvet and lights over columns and decorated roofs; a place were any story can become real.

Lights out and the team appears over the scenario wearing the new kit. One invitation: Dream on. 

And the poster?

And of course one of the best kept secrets.

For this season, and with the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum collaboration, we chose two paintings of the artist José Arrue to be the background of the poster.

And for the shooting, you can take a look by yourself.