A special edition


The exceptional situation of this 2020 has also fully affected football and culture, the two pillars on which a good part of the activity of the Athletic Club Fundazioa is developed. In this edition, the already veterans Letras y Fútbol and Thinking Football Film Festival come together under the name Thinking Letras y Fútbol, ??an event in which you can enjoy films, documentaries and literary talks that share football as the backbone.

The naming and the visual image created by Moriwase for this edition merges and evolves the previously existing ones and offers the viewer a new-and at the same time familiar- meeting space in which to host the topics discussed throughout the different events scheduled between on November 9 and 14. For the launch of the festival´s website, we opted for a simple design supported by the graphic elements and colors already defined and some simple animations that served as a framework on which to present the program and its participants.

You can visit the festival website at thinkingletrasyfutbol.com and follow all the Athletic Club Fundazioa news through athleticclubfundazioa.eus