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Eusko Label is a brand that identifies and guarantees agricultural foods produced, transformed and/or prepared in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, whose quality, specificity or singularity exceed the general average.

Fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, legumes, fruits... there are currently 18 products that fulfill the demanding requirements to be able to display this distinction.

In addition, in the Basque Country there are other Guarantee Marks that guarantee the quality and local origin of the product s-Euskal Baserri, Cider Gorenak, Ekolurra- in addition to other Designations with European Protection (PDO, IGP, ETG).

The new website developed by Moriwase seeks to provide the consumer with a space where they can learn about the characteristics of all these products, in an easily accessible and orderly way, while offering a good number of recipes as well as interesting tools such as traceability, in the case of meat or tuna.

The main objective of this new website has been to offer visitors a simple and intuitive browsing experience, which allows them to get a general and specific view of this wide range of brands and products included under the Basque Country superior quality food accreditations.

A top quality website

The website, available in Basque and Spanish, is completed with a News section and an Agenda where the schedule of events and promotional activities can be followed.