A transparent website committed to sustainability


SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA was born in 1990 after the merger of two hundred-year-old Bermean canneries: Campos and Astorquiza. Its extensive experience and trajectory makes it a benchmark company in the sector of canned and frozen tuna fish, as well as anchovies and other species, both in the national and European markets and in other continents.

A new corporate website for a new business reality.

Salica asked us for a corporate website and for this we proposed a solution capable of communicating its reality from a triple perspective:

- on the one hand, its business dimension (History, Mission, vision and values, Facilities),

- on the other hand, its products (Own Brands and Private Labels),

- finally, its commitment to sustainability, specified in its Responsible Purchasing Policy, its alignment with various SDGs, the Tuna 2020 Commitments, and its commitment to Quality, Innovation and continuous improvement.

The web will incorporate the possibility of knowing the traceability of all the products that reach the consumerīs hands.

In addition, as a clear example of its commitment to transparency and commitment to its consumers, the marine ecosystem and the safety of its workers, the website offers the possibility of knowing the complete traceability of all its products.

To do this, simply enter the code that appears on each container on the web and the information related to the species, fishing area, boat, method and dates of capture of the content of each jar, can or case will be displayed.

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