Centenario Campos, a brand with a lot of history

Centenario Campos, a brand with a lot of history


100 years of commitment

This year, 2021, marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Campos brand. An event of enormous significance for the company, but also for Bermeo and the Spanish canning industry.

Throughout these years a thousand vicissitudes have occurred, which we have collected in an extensive audiovisual material, but there is one aspect that has remained unchanged throughout this time, the quality of Campos products.

Branding and Packaging

We´ve started to work with the branding developments to achieve a "vintage" look for the premium range of products: Campos tuna belly tuna and anchovy.

The pack developed with this brand sought to reinforce the image of a quality product, using quality paper and gold stamping.

Audiovisual production: Campos, a centennial commitment

At such a special time as a centenary, we have proposed a communication strategy that seeks not only to tell what Campos is and how it has evolved over the years, but above all to recover the intrahistories of the people who have been part of Campos.

Workers, managers, customers, consumers, neskatilas, researchers and a long etcetera of testimonies that have given rise to six exciting clips for the online channel in which we review these one hundred years of Campos. It has been a complex work of content strategy and scripting.

A production with diverse locations and many characters; and a careful editing and post-production that seeks the closeness and credibility of the message.