Defining and developing a new website.


HAZI is a special purpose vehicle for the Basque Government whose function is to coordinate and catalyze strategic projects to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of the food and forestry value chain, as well as to revitalise the rural and coastal areas of the Basque Country.

They offer a wide variety of strategic services aligned around different axes within which a good number of specific projects are included in which other entities and initiatives also participate and contribute to reinforcing the competitiveness and sustainability of the sector and the territory.

Defining and developing a new website.

The challenge.

HAZI invited us to help them in the process of defining and creating their new website. We started the project by carrying out a detailed analysis of the entity and its areas of activity with the aim of allowing us to understand the scope of the information that the new website should be able to host and offer to the visitor in a successful way.

This reflection showed an extensive index of contents that required their organization with a marked hierarchical and scalable nature, which allowed them to follow their evolution.

The visual style.

Precisely this scalable and modular philosophy also serves as inspiration on the visual style of the new website page we developed, strongly supported by blocks (headlines, content, image) that with their smooth transitions offer a calm and friendly browsing experience.

The new website reinforces its visual interest through the use of abundant photographic material carefully chosen and treated.

The result.

The new HAZI website, a successful exercise in prioritizing and organizing visually attractive content focused on the visitor.