Deusto Forum. New challenges, new identity


Deusto Forum is a space for reflection and plural dialogue whose objectives are to promote the networking of professional experts in different fields of knowledge and to strengthen the contribution of the University of Deusto to society.

Since the return of these conferences in 2022, we have had the opportunity to debate and explore current issues such as Political Communication, the Human Rights of Migrants, the Situation of Women in Iran and Economic Transformation, among others. We were also able to listen to experts such as Iñaki Gabilondo, Joseph McMonigle, Arantxa Tapia and Roane Carey. A conference full of current information with a high level of awareness and sensitization by the University of Deusto.

The keys to a renewed identity

This edition was looking for a fresh and renewed presence, so we were entrusted with the task of updating the visual identity of this project and adapting it to the different communication needs: Development and creation of audiovisual content, graphic adaptations, design of informative newsletters, signage...

Our purpose? To build a recognisable and coherent brand within the space of the University of Deusto, whose aim is to offer plural and current information through the various meetings. From the design of the spaces to each of the applications, they are a reflection of the quality of the guests and the high level of the contents that Deusto Forum has brought us during these months.

The new identity maintains its direct link with the university through the predominant use of the colour blue in all its applications, combining it in different tones with gradients and textures. The main protagonist is the typography, whose most characteristic feature is the fusion of classic and modern touches in each of its strokes. All the ingredients that have built this identity have been captured in the audiovisual aesthetic that completes this project.