Generating the audiovisual style for the new RIOJA brand


Within the process of creating the new graphic universe and visual system for the RIOJA Qualified Designation of Origin brand, specific and differentiated attention was given to the creation of a common and differentiated audiovisual style that would provide coherence and consistency to the different expressions of the brand in the breadth of the markets and countries in which it is present.

The process of embodying the brand?s values

The essential values ??that define RIOJA as a genuine, honest and diverse brand were specified in a series of audiovisual style recommendations seeking to show, clearly and directly, the essence of the brand in order to achieve the connection with its audience and the moments related to DOCa.

The thematic axes of the RIOJA universe

These recommendations are aligned around the different thematic axes from which this essence of the brand develops: wineries and architecture, towns and streets, gastronomy, production processes, customs and current lifestyles, landscapes and nature, and, finally, people.

The values of the brand are translated into recommendations for the audiovisual treatment of the different essential thematic axes of its universe.

The result is a broad audiovisual bank (photographs, clips, bursts, animations, etc.) coherent and aligned at the service of the full expression of a genuine, honest and diverse brand.