GLN, taste, tradition and innovation


GLN is a family company that produces and markets high value-added spirits and wines, with a solid national distribution network and a strong international presence. Its product portfolio is broad and includes renowned brands such as Etxeko, La Navarra or Homenaje, as well as innovative products such as Biancavilla or its Marco Real wineries.

Representation of brand values.

The core values that define GLN as an honest, family-owned and innovative brand were embodied in a series of audiovisual style recommendations showing in a clear but stimulating way the essence of the brand in its different product versions.

Through this catalogue in audiovisual format, GLN proves to be a powerful producer of wines and spirits at national level. In order to ensure its innovative character and demonstrate its industrial capacity, this project has been designed with a very visual approach. Through close-ups, detailed slow-motion treatments and visual effects, the viewer is transported into vibrant and hedonistic situations.

In addition, advanced post-production techniques have been used, ensuring that the viewer feels completely immersed in the preparation process of each of the drinks, generating a universe of sensations.

Our creative inspiration comes from scents, colors, flavors and textures, which are transformed into harmony and intensity in equal parts. With an engaging and exciting narrative, the essence of each product is reflected to perfection.

The project has been the result of careful planning and post-production with the collaboration of ´Zumake Food Production´, which has resulted in an audiovisual journey full of moments full of flavor and history.