Happy chickens with Hobea eggs

Happy chickens with Hobea eggs


Refreshing the leading brand

The study of the image and the brand positioning bulit up with our collegues from Ikerfel in the last few months, helped us out to better understand the post-covid behaviour of the consumer in this segment of the market, the entire journey undertaken for the brand and everything that we already have talked in previous occasion.

One step more

From the beginning, Hobea decided to keep going on following the defined lines, rushing a process of restyling of the brand and the application for the new packaging for the different varieties and existing segmentation.

The new visual proposal is still following the line previously marked, reaffirming the proposal for a coloured and cheerful style and a truthful/real photographic style underscoring the naturalness and freshness of the product.

Looking for our audience on television

To support the strategy in the retail channel, we have developed differents brand activations on tv through the tv programme "A Bocados", offering an importan level of affinity between the target and a proper treatment of the product across product placement, recipe development or the making of media reports.