A Value for the Future


"Integrated Social Value, a Value for the Future" is the concept under which we have created a campaign to publicize the results of a tool developed by Lantegi Batuak capable of monetizing, for the first time, the social value of companies, beyond their accounting or traditional values.

A Value for the Future

The challenge

Lantegi Batuak sought to transfer to society the meaning of this social accounting tool created 10 years ago by the organization together with different experts from UPV and the University of Deusto. This accounting model increases, not only the direct economic benefits that the organization brings to its clients, but also the social value that derives from the contracting of its services.

In a company that employs more than 1500 people in Bizkaia (of which more than 83% have an intellectual disability) the social value is enormous, as much as € 207M last year and more than € 1500M in the last 10 years. In such a way that it was especially important to communicate this data to society, one of the main beneficiaries thanks to the savings in non-contributory pensions, health or educational expenses, compensation through taxes, etc ... but above all for contributing to generate a more territory cohesive and socially more fair.

The action

To present the general data of these 10 years of work and respond to what is the Integrated Social Value we carried out an audiovisual piece recorded in Basque, Spanish and Sign Language which, through a simple language, explains that when traditional economic agents  water the tree, it brings a series of fruits, but when other social parameters are counted, the fruits derive dfrom the tree are much greater.

Thus, through this visually attractive language we created another series of pieces such as an informative diptych, a landing where you can see the different video pieces created, press inserts and a traveling exhibition that can be enjoyed during 2019 and 2020. In addition, we created an advertising strategy to publicize the campaign in social media and digital advertising.

Another of the interventions that we carried out was the presentation in society of the Integrated Social Value through an event developed in the Bilbao Aretoa UPV on October 31 where we have the main agents involved and interest groups that shared with the press their experiences and how Lantegi Batuak is an agent of social change in Bizkaia