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The work developed by Lantegi Batuak in the last 10 years has contributed in more than 1.5 billion euros to the territory of Bizkaia. A figure that must be transferred and known by our society.


To present the data of these last 10 years of work and to explain society what Integrated Social Value is , we have relied on a simple and visually attractive language that we have subsequently adapted to the different campaign media: several pieces in motion graphics, an informative leaflet, a home page, different press insertions or a traveling exhibition, among others.


The results of the analysis conclude that the integrated social value of Lantegi Batuak in Bizkaia amounted to 207 million euros in 2018. For the Presentation Act, we had the participation and debate of people with disabilities of the organization, family members, companies and institutions, in an awareness-raising action aimed at explaining what social accounting is and in what way the activity of Lantegi Batuak has a "positive impact" on society.


The integrated social value of Lantegi Batuak in 2018 rose to 207 million euros and, for every public euro invested in the organization, a return of 13 euros was generated, according to a social accounting analysis developed together with the UPV / EHU and the University of Deusto.

Under the claim "a hundred percent capable", we present the Lantegi Batuak 2017 Annual Memory from a different point of view. It is not about the company telling its hits and key milestones, but about its workers being the real leads: they tell us how they got their work opportunities and how it helped their personal, social and professional development.


When numbers don´t tell the whole story

Of course, the numbers are important, but they don´t tell the whole story. In order to get close to the goal proposed by Lantegi Batuak, we had to tell, not only with numbers, but with people.


That is why, starting with a simple message like "I am 100% capable", we developed a campaign featuring four people with very different profiles who shared with the public the contribution in society made by Lantegi Batuak regarding work inclusivity for people with disabilities, the efforts to raise awareness among the citizens and helping acknowledging their rights and abilities. 


4 leads, 4 stories

4 protagonists tell us, in video format, about their experience in the company and they make visible some of the challenges people with disabilities face everyday: the fight for gender equality, the need for innovating at accessibility and adaptability of work processes, or their right to access training programs to help heir employability, autonomy and social abilities. All this, by displaying these people the way they really are: a 100% capable, and co-responsible for the success of Lantegi Batuak. 


A new way of conceiving the annual memory

With these audiovisual pieces as the central axis, we created a microsite that works as a memory, replacing the traditional printed booklet and featuring, in a clear way, our 4 leads and the company data they communicate through their stories.