Loreako Ama and Aretxaga, two stories for two Txakolis from Bizkaia

Loreako Ama and Aretxaga, two stories for two Txakolis from Bizkaia


Bodegas Virgen de Lorea settles its vineyards on the southern slopes of the Otxaran-Zalla mountains, in the heart of Biscay´s Encartaciones. In this privileged area, some of the most exquisite and appreciated Txakolis of Bizkaia have been produced since the end of the 17th century, when the ancestors of the current property began to make cider and txakoli on the same land where the vineyards and the warehouse are still located today.

We present the designs of Loreako Ama and Aretxaga, two of their Txakoli brands from Bizkaia that we have recently developed, and the stories through which they seek to connect with their consumers.

Loreako Ama

100% made from the white Ondarribi Zuri grape variety, it stands out for being a light, very fresh wine, with a touch of acidity and fine carbon. With an intense greenish yellow color, it offers great aromatic intensity in which citrus and floral aromas are discovered.

For the design of its label, we wanted to recreate a graphic universe that would condense all the history, variety and richness that gathers on the land where the vineyards are located and where the product is made.

The figure of the Virgin occupies a prominent place, accompanied by a set of natural elements found on the estate itself. Trees and rivers, birds and clouds, fauna and flora represented in a colorful and evocative way, propose a modern, fresh result that invites the consumer to transport themselves and immerse themselves in that dream world when tasting this Txakoli from Bizkaia.


Aretxaga is a fresh and full-bodied txakoli, with a more traditional taste. Straw yellow in appearance with greenish tones, clean and bright, it has a frank and powerful aroma and an outstanding freshness provided by the touches of acid fruits such as green apple and citrus.

Its name alludes to the oak forests that surround the vineyards in which it is produced (aretxaga in Basque means oak grove) and it is precisely this resounding character and great strength of the oak that we wanted to convey on its new label.

For this we have relied on the use of a typography with a stencil style and with certain imperfections in its details, collecting in them the lack of uniformity in the veins of the oak wood.

In terms of color, the label is based on the combination of gray tones and a green that precisely evokes the color of the iconic leaf of this recently sprouted tree and that contrasts and enhances the content and color of the new bottle.