Re-Styling Eco Range

Re-Styling Eco Range


Gvtarra launched its Eco range in 2017. In 2022, a rethinking of it is required that allows it to occupy a new communicative position, access a new consumer profile and revitalize the rotation of the different references that make up this range.

The starting situation.

The launch of the Eco de Gvtarra line was carried out throughout the years 2017 and 2018. In 2022, The Real Green Food commissioned us to undertake a restyling project that would serve to reposition the range and address a series of needs for action and improvements detected.

The new packaging and the new label.

In this context, a change of packaging was chosen, choosing instead of the previous format a new one that would allow it to have more visual presence on the shelf.

On the new glass jar, the new design of the structured label, in transparent material, in a simple and at the same time hierarchical way, the main elements of each reference: Gvtarra brand, Organic Harvest denomination and product identification: green beans, artichokes, peas, chickpeas and kidney beans.

The set is accompanied by other informative elements and stamps that complete all the information necessary and valued by the type of final consumer we are targeting.

The target.

The chosen graphic style seeks to connect with a type of consumer who is committed and sensitive towards eco-sustainable arguments. For this reason, it is committed to the simplicity and transparency of the whole, minimally enhanced by very little ornate illustrations that help to identify each product.