Renewing DeustoForum


DeustoForum is a space for reflection and plural dialogue whose objectives are to promote the networking of professional experts in different areas of knowledge and to strengthen the contribution of the University of Deusto to society.

After two years of compulsory parentheses, the 2022 edition wanted to present itself in an updated and revitalized way, for which we were entrusted with the renewal of its visual identity and its extension to the different communicative needs that will be generated during the three meetings planned for the coming months.

Energy Transition and Decarbonization

"Energy Transition and Decarbonization: Challenges for the coming years" was the title of the opening day held on June 9, in which some of the key issues related to the energy transition and decarbonization processes at a global level and in the Basque Country.

Joseph McMonigle, Secretary General of the International Energy Forum-IEF, and Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, took part, moderated by Jorge Fernández, coordinator of the Orkestra Energy and Environment Lab.



The keys to the new identity

The new identity continues to maintain its direct link with the University of Deusto through the predominant use of the blue color  in its different applications.However, the inclusion of degraded and the combination of different tones offers a more interesting and current result.

It also highlights the prominence of the chosen main typography, which imprints a marked character and personality to the resulting whole.