Restyling BBK brand


BBK is the majority shareholder of Kutxabank. In addition, it actively collaborates in the promotion of the economy through its investment activity in local companies and carries out Social Projects which generate sustainable social and economic value, making it the largest in Spain in terms of population and the second largest in terms of size.

Brand restyling proposal

BBK has entrusted Moriwase to give a small twist to its graphic identity to help associate the brand with values related to its new reality -professionalisation, future, innovation, talent, solvency, sustainable development, competitiveness, ethics, humanism, digitalisation...-, while at the same time maintaining its essence. The project must therefore be contextualised as a restyling and not so much as a rebranding: the changes to be incorporated had to be subtle improvements and functional nuances on the external image, and not so much new routes that could substantially modify the brand´s value proposition.

Three main changes have been made to the brand

Logotype: Throughout the restyling process, its typography has been rounded off in search of a more open feel, with more body and thus improving legibility. Likewise, transitions and gradients have been incorporated, which bring dynamism and a sense of movement to the brand, and which evoke the current times of evolution and transition towards a new model of society.

Photographic style: The style of the images that accompany the brand´s communication has been defined in greater depth, maintaining the previously established axes: everyday life, emotionality, work environment and local links.

Movement: The brand has been given movement. In addition to the logo animations, the movement and transitions of the main communication pieces and the different elements that make them up (colour blocks, texts, images, key visuals, etc...) have been standardised and manualised.

Gradual implementation

Although these are subtle details, the changes indicated bring new nuances to the brand that work in line with the achievement of the communication objectives set out. In the coming months we will begin to see the implementation of all of them.