Salome Campos Open Water Swim


A historical swim

Since 2013, Campos organizes an open water swim consisting on crossing the 5.000 m. distance from Bermeo port to Izaro island and back.

A tribute to Salome

Salome Campos Open Water Swim is a tribute to one of the company´s founders, who swam from Bermeo to Izaro island to demonstrate her and every woman´s value.

This competition is a tribute to the achievement of Salome Campos, one of the canning company´s founders. It is said that one morning in september she dove into the port waters and swam to Izaro island in order to win a bet and also demonstrate her and every woman´s value. The legend lives until today, and every year more and more swimmers recall it by reenacting her achievement.

Sharing the experience

Moriwase, in collaboration with Campos´ Marketing Team, makes the competition grow every year, reach more people, and make people live it with more enthusiasm than ever.

Through different communication actions and tools, we transmit the strength of a competition that every year has more followers.

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