San Mames Stadium


San Mames stadium was opened in 1913 and for 100 years was an international reference in the football world under the nickname “The Cathedral”.

The new San Mamés Stadium (built in 2013) raises over the same place and since the opening was conceived as an heir of the keys that made the old stadium unique.

A brand who looks into the future, from the past

Our challenge was to create a recognizable brand which was suitable for an Europe (and world) first class stadium, in compliance with the Club’s history and the capability to adapt to different usages and applications to be satisfied.

The visual system needs to harmonize with the marked architecture style and at the same time to be able to keep the tradition and history of the Athletic Club, revisiting and updating them for the new century.

For the new brand for San Mamés Stadium, we began from the same typography style used for Athletic Club, modifying it to bring a brand new personality, establishing a direct connection between the stadium and the Club.

It is a sans serif font family. Blunt, modern and arquitectural. Ideal for the brand image we need to transmit for this project, especially when it’s used on big format applications such as the signage system for the own building.

The inside environment is completely red. In the lateral tribune lie the words ‘Athletic Club’ colored in black and white, one of the most recognizable elements of the new stadium.

Once established this bound, we chose another family type for the new identity, in view of the needs of a stadium where 53.000 people meet.

It was the first spanish stadium, and one of the first in Europe, on presenting a completely integrated sponsorship over the stadium display, bringing the brands a unique boundary with the club by adopting their colors.

Below the astonishing deck, two Athletic Club emblems and impressive lions gaze at next 100 years of glory to be written.

San Mames Stadium
San Mames Stadium