Campos MSC White Tuna range launch

Campos MSC White Tuna range launch


After a demanding process of collaboration with the Marine Stewardship Council, MSC, Campos was ready to bring to the market its first references of White Tuna certified under its demanding requirements guaranteeing sustainability and care for the fishery and the oceans.

Our main objective when approaching this launch was to be able to transfer to the packaging the differential value that comes from the fact that it is a product obtained through responsible fishing and committed to sustainability.

A proposal for the future smelling of saltpeter from the past

When we considered the creative line of the new range, we focused on sustainability, understood as the balance between today without endangering the resources of tomorrow. This connection between the present and the future led us to conceive a visual style with clear roots and reminiscences of the past that was at the same time classic, contemporary and enduring. A design that could contain the same product inside: three decades ago, today, or 20 years from now.

The communicative proposal defined gives a central role to a style of illustration with important traits of heritage and tradition, which in turn include allusions to the geographical origin of the product in Cantabria. The chromatic palette reinforces the sobriety and elegance of the whole while enhancing the preferential location of the Campos brand.

A slogan: We take care of the sea, we take care of you

The introduction of this new range on the market was supported by an advertising campaign that conveyed a very direct value proposition, linking sustainability and health.

The campaign was supported by outdoor advertising and specialised press, focusing on print media. On a digital level, different pieces and executions were carried out and deployed both in the brand´s own media (website and social networks) and external media.

At the same time, different sampling actions and presence reinforcement were carried out in the main retail chains.

In short, a multi-level launch to present a classic new range for the future.

Marine Stewardship Council and his blue certification

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international not-for-profit organisation that aims to transform seafood markets to a sustainable basis by promoting and recognising good fisheries management.

The MSC Standard is used to determine whether a fishery is being well managed and sustainable, as it reflects the most current and internationally accepted knowledge in the field of fisheries science and management. Once a fishery is certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, it can offer its certified catch for sale with the blue MSC certification.