Your Gvtarra salads

Your Gvtarra salads


Gvtarra`s goal

Gutarra´s goal is none other than offer its consumers all the quality and variety of vegetables and pulses from the vegetable garden of Navarre. To do this, they are looking for solutions and new proposals that make it possible to adapt to new forms and consumption stages.

Thus, some time ago, they detected the revolution that the Culinary`s art of salads was undergoing due to its infinite options and possibilities, both in terms of uses and moments. In order to ground all the ideas, they realized that sometimes the simple is the most extraordinary… So why not incorporate the best pulses and vegetables to create the most gourmet salads?

This is how the "Tus ensaladas de Gvtarra" range was born in 2019.

Refreshing the image`s range

In 2021 the range needed a new-look to help convey from the first visual impact the excellent combination of tradition and innovation contained within. The new proposal should focus on aspects such as the quality of the traditional ingredients, now combined in a new way, created and designed to be the ideal base for the most creative and elaborate salads.

In short, the new style should speak of quality, transparency, speed and positioning the product as an easy solution for vegetables to form part of our diet every day and without effort.

Your Gvtarra salads

A clear and transparent message

The new creative line proposed by Moriwase puts the main focus on showing the essence of Gvtarra, that is, the selection and quality of the ingredients. Therefore, a transparent, clean, clear and ultimately true feel was chosen for this new range of products.

At the same time, the hierarchy of information levels - brand, sub-brand, name and ingredients - is now more effective and appealing to a young, dynamic, time-poor consumer who is quick to read on the shelf (or on the online screen of their device).

The result is "Your Gvtarra Salads" More ready to eat than ever, as tasty as ever! It´s good to eat, isn´t it?