The Provincial Council from Bizkaia offers a wide school sport program, around which we developed several projects lately.

Do sports and have fun

Because, after all, that’s it: grabbing a ball, a racket or a surfboard. Putting on your shoes and meeting your friends to play at the fronton, in the yard or at the beach. Letting the match overwhelm you and not asking it for anymore. Or anyless. Letting the sport be a fun game. Like when you were a child. Like now, when you are still a child even when you forget about it sometimes.

A claim and a lettering, some fluor colors and a concept line for Bizkaia’s Provincial Council’s school sport program.

A report about studentsí sport habits in Bizkaia

Desing and layout for the report about student’s sport habits in Bizkaia, a research managed and coordinated by the Provincial Council in collaboration with the University of Deusto.

An ambitious project

This is the first edition of an ambitious project that dissects and reflects a huge amount of data and indicators around students’ sport habits. The following editions will allow to analyze the evolution of the main variables and indicators, and will also help make decissions and acting policies for the consecution of the set objectives.

The nature of the information required a visual language that would allow the correct representation of lots of graphics and tables along with hierarchically organized explanations.