Gero Arte (See you later), Recycle and make it come back


Under this claim we have grouped a plan of actions carried out for the Diputación de Bizkaia with the aim of promoting awareness towards recycling among the population and increasing the recycling rate.

It is not a

From a simple message - in the recycling process, the objects that we throw return to our hands transformed into other elements; therefore, it is not a "goodbye", but rather a "see you later"  - a series of initiatives that affect it have been developed. We seek that the public internalize the message and convert it into active recycling behaviors.

Gero Arte (See you later), Recycle and make it come back

The campaign visual recreates a greeting hand composed of used packagings and various products ready for recycling. The image is accompanied by the claim and the reinforcement statement on a green cue that gives strength and visibility as well as bringing it closer to environmental territories and respect for nature.

Some of the actions underway

Among the actions taken, we would like to highlight the campaign kick off event. In it, several containers of plastic waste were thrown (and collected) in front of the Foral Palace in the Gran Vía Bilbao: an equivalent quantity to that generated per day by a population of 4,000 inhabitants.

A traveling campaign

One of the objectives of the campaign was to get the message across to all citizens. For this we have articulated an itinerant campaign that has traveled all the beaches and towns of Bizkaia during the summer season, giving workshops, activities and games related to the selective collection of waste, the correct use of containers and the care of the natural environment. Next to a tent, a foodtruck has served as support and attention for the participants. The initiative has also had a presence in different cultural events of the territory (Ibilaldi, Fiesta Hiru de Eitb, etc.).