Everything Flows

Everything Flows


Fluidex is the Spanish Association of Fluid Handling Equipment Exporters.

Since its foundation has a strong orientation to the international promotion of the Spanish industry in this sector and the defense of its mutual interests. At the same time, Fluidex became a model of high quality and innovation.

It currently has up to 90 membership enterprises.

Everything Flows

Revision and rearrangement

Either the brand image and the different applications required a deep review to bring back Fluidex the capability to transmit a leading position on its main attributes.

First, its website presented technical and adaptive limitations. At the same time it required a structure rearrangement of the content in order to bring to the forefront the most relevant information for the web visitors.

The new brand is presented on lowercase and rely on a color palette where the main color is Cyan, followed by marine blue and grey combinations. As a symbol, a circle, synonym of the perfection in the shape form.

The new responsive website gets over the previous visualization limitations and present the contents on a visual and intuitive mode. The members get access by login to exclusive content and functions, which turns fluidexspain.com into a powerful tool for daily work.

Everything Flows

The graphic universe is completed by an icon system in addition to textures and backgrounds formed by straight and curved lines, drawing scenes and geometric systems which reminds us of the fluid handling equipment of the industry.