Brand ambassadors


Since their first opening in Catalonia in 1987, Merkal Calzados has become a leader company in the family-footwear area.

Currently, their specialization in verified-quality and good price fashion products, as their attractive and roomy concept stores, can be seen in any region of the peninsula and the Canary Islands.

A step forward

As their shops have evolved towards more roomy spaces in shopping malls and their product collections have incorporated the latest trends for the brands different targets, their advertising communication has also demanded an update and a step forward.

This time, our challenge was to enable Merkal Calzados to stablish a connection with their target and a bond and a brand-positioning that match their current reality, more than 30 years after their first opening.


Since 2013, in Moriwase we have developed different campaigns for Merkal Calzados, and what all of them had in common is the support of a brand ambassador as the protagonist. This strategy let us increase notoriety, managing to reach, in the same time, an association with the values connected to the protagonists. 

Carolina Cerezuela, Laura Sánchez, Helen Lindes and Marta Hazas have been, so far, the faces we entrusted these last seasonal campaigns.

Every season, Moriwase has managed the creative direction and different works´ execution, mainly used in graphic media (magazines, supplements), digital media and applications over more than te 180 current shops.