The right to jump


Since its foundation in 1.919, Save the Children has worked for a fairer world and society towards children. They do it by constantly keeping in mind the responsibility for each of their actions, the importance of their supporters, and, especially, the compromise towards the children they stand out for.

Currently, they work in more than 120 countries around the world.

The right to jump

Children and Basque Parliament election

During the 2016 Basque Parliament election campaign, Save the Children proposed a campaign in order to lobby politicians to incorporate children related topics in their agendas and debates.

At the same time, the campaign had to convey citizens the importance of their vote as a relevant progress driver in childrens´ situation, specially those who find themselves in a vulnerable condition.

Voting and jumping

The children have the right to speak their minds, but they can´t vote yet. What they definitely can, and love, is to jump. The campaign spot show us a group of kids doing just that - jumping and talking about the issues that concern them - and asking adults to think of them when voting.

The right to jump

The campaign was mainly developed in digital media, and also had different adaptings for graphic media.



In spanish and basque, there is just a slight phonetic difference between both jump (botar) and vote (votar) words.