The Creative Knowledge

The Creative Knowledge


DeustoTech is a research institute created in 2005 by the University of Deusto to consolidate the research activity that was happening during the last years in the Engineering Faculty.

Since its launch, more than 200 research and innovation projects have been developed, establishing and empowering collaborations with more than 50 enterprises and 40 research groups all over the world.

The Creative Knowledge

Essence and Vision

For the opening of the new facilites, DeustoTech asked us to capture their essence and vision in a 2 minute digital piece, expressly made to introduce their path to the institutional and academic community.

From the beginning we understood the necessity to lead the classic visual and narrative language to be able to transmit all the activity generated by DeustoTech. We shared our vision with the client and they became excited with the new approach.

On the one hand, we proposed to flee from formal visual styles, commonly used by the Deusto University. On the other, we struggled to keep away dates, data or facts and work on a more symbolic script.

The result is ‘The Creative Knowledge’ (and finally lasts three and a half minutes).