Reflecting all the good things from the sea

Reflecting all the good things from the sea


Campos is brand from Bermeo (Spain) specialized in canned tunafish and Albacore whose history goes back to early 20th century. Through the years the brand has been a maximum quality signature in a country where canned food has its own cult.

Reflecting all the good things from the sea

A constant evolution

Brands evolve through time, so does their environment. The competition in sales channel increases, new performers appear, new ways and consumption habits… attention calls from yesterday can make no relevance to the consumer of today.

That is why since 2002 our goal is to constantly evolve the image of Campos, keeping it cut to the edge of its products and making it stand over its category.

A consistent brand

Our path with Campos focuses on guaranteeing the coherence and visual identity of its broad product list and segmentations.

Colors, typography and images combine on clear and perceptible designs, ensuring an easy recognition and linkage to our brand.

An oustanding product

This work process on a constant revision ensures the up-to-date maintenance of the Campos identity and positioning, often by making imperceptible adjustments that make the difference on the purchase moment.

Once is tasted, its quality product gather devoted consumers. After all Campos is all the good things from the sea.