Live & Toast Bilbao Bizkaia


After the pandemic, tourist destinations are looking for ways to recover and revive their attractiveness. Within the global strategy of Bilbao Bizkaia, one of its bets is focused on food and wine tourism and specifically on one of its jewels: the Txakoli of Bizkaia.

Bilbao, Bizkaia and its Txakoli.

For this, Moriwase proposed a campaign with a clear tactical orientation and very well-defined and differentiated objectives. On the one hand, we sought to enhance the image and notoriety of Bilbao Bizkaia as a tourist destination, as well as to increase the community and interactions in its digital media. On the other hand, to capture qualified leads of users potentially interested in visiting the territory through which to establish subsequent email marketing actions.

To achieve these objectives of the client, we executed a campaign based on experiences draws supported by paid media in different social networks. Through an exhaustive segmentation we impacted users with an interest in eno-gastronomy, a related target and sensitive to messages related to gastronomic culture, wines and lifestyle. At all times, the protagonist of the campaign was the Txakoli de Bizkaia, which acted as a magnet asset.

A colorful and energetic campaign that manages to rejuvenate the Bilbao Bizkaia brand and attract the interest of a young audience through positive and hedonistic sensations.

We all look for positive sensations.

The chosen line of communication is the result of a combination of three key elements: urban and rural environments of Bizkaia, Txakoli and people related to the target in terms of interests, values and lifestyle. The aesthetics were defined with the intention of generating positive sensations by showing moments of Txakoli consumption in groups of young people, wrapped in vibrant and energetic colors.

Live & Toast Bilbao Bizkaia.

To enhance the message, we opted for a claim that would transmit vitality and awaken users´ interest in experiencing Bilbao and Bizkaia through Txakoli. This campaign claim, present in all the audiovisual pieces, contributed to underline and give greater aesthetic coherence to the campaign as a whole.

The results met the objectives set: we obtained more than 4,700 qualified leads from unique users and more than 9,000 interactions.

Let´s toast!