Football beyond the ball


Athletic Club Fundazioa develops an important agenda based on social, sport and cultural areas and whose goal is to help make a better society and contribute back part of what it gives to Ahtletic Club.

Treating the global in particular

These different activities and programs involve a series of diverse agents, social organizations, companies, particulars and volunteers, which gives the project an open, participative and shared character.

From a global point of view, our goal is to define a creative path that offers a visual consistency and a connection with the foundation and with Athletic Club, in the communication of all these activities. From a particular point of view, each of them requires a customized treatment and an answer to their specific needs.

Thinking Football Film Festival

Thinking Football Film Festival is a football and film festival held since 2012 in association with Sala BBK and Bilbao City Council. The festival’s identity is built around a strong color palette and a graphic treatment of pictures. The event brands strong own character, reinforced by a combination of typographies, strengthens its application on different posters, programs and other communication pieces.

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Letras y Fútbol

Letras y Fútbol is a literature, comic, journalism and football festival that Fundación Athletic Club has leaded since 2010. Each edition holds meetings, literary talks and workshops. In the "Athletic Reading Club" players, technicians and fans share books, recommend readings, and become a team.

Another initiatives and programs

With a more social character and in collaboration with Cruces Hospital, we develop for the foundation an initiative in order to help, as far as possible, in pediatric treatments. The project tackles the feel of Emergency an Care rooms, stickers for patients and medical staff, and also a certificate and a medal to appreciate these little champions´ effort and attitude.

Football beyond the ball

Bertso Derbia, Herriz Herri, Futbol Kalean, Three Sided Football... these are just a few of the long list of initiatives leaded by the foundation we are proud of participate in.